Meet Stori

We are building the world’s best visual marketing technology
platform that transforms relationships with customers

Company Overview

Founded in 2013, headquartered out of Los Angeles, Stori is dedicated to providing marketing solutions centered around content, community, communication, and commerce.

Powered by the belief that customer stories are the most powerful way to influence the purchase of a product or service. Stori is transforming the way brands communicate with consumers by helping brands market and sell with real customer photos videos. We provide a hosted visual word-of-mouth marketing software plus services that turn highly-satisfied consumers (AKA “Brand Advocates”) into a powerful marketing force.

Why Do We Exist?

Because People Trust People Over Brands

The world doesn’t need another social media marketing platform. We believe the world does need Stori. We are a strategic, passionate partner who strongly believes visual word-of-mouth marketing is a company’s most valuable asset, and what a brand does to inspire and leverage content from its loyal fans and customers for its business objectives is what will create long-term value for any brand.

If you believe in the visual word-of-mouth marketing revolution, we’re making this for you.

Our Mission

Convert your happiest customers,
into your best promoters.