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High-quality content makes businesses more discoverable online. Yet not every business has the budget or the resources to create the quality or quantity of top-notch content that satisfies customers, social networks, Google, etc…. Enter user-generated content marketing. User-generated content (UGC) has become an important tool in every marketer’s belt.


  1. UGC ads get 4X higher click-throughs than traditional ads.
  2. 93% of consumers say UGC is helpful when they’re making purchasing decisions.
  3. UGC campaigns bring 29% higher conversions than those without it.
  4. Brand engagement goes up by 28% when brands offer their users a combination of UGC-created videos and professionally created videos.
  5. User-generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than content offered up by the same brand.

Whether your business is looking to develop stronger organic searches, strengthen the relationship with consumers, or to provide more incentives for engagement, launching a user-generated content campaign can be one of the most effective ways to build your brand.

How Can Brands Use User-Generated Content in Their Marketing?

Any business in the hospitality industry — including hotels, restaurants, and bars — could learn from National Geographic. National Geographic encourages people to share their photos with Nat Geo for the chance to be featured on the brand’s website and in their magazine — reward enough for plenty of people. Even if you don’t have the cache of a brand like National Geographic, you shouldn’t shy away from collecting content created by your customers. One of the ways to incentivize them? Offer a prize!

Before you get going, note these three key success indicators to keep your strategy headed in the right direction.

  1. Promote your campaign on your website and social profiles to gain noticeable traction.
  2. Offer consumers a reward for participating, commenting, or sharing.
  3. Reward customers for positive public product or service reviews.

Combining User-generated Content with Contests

For years brands like GoPro and Apple have featured user-generated photos and videos in their marketing campaigns and, it’s safe to assume, made billions of dollars from it. The bottom line is that consumers — people like you and me — like to see what products look like, and how they’re used, in the real world instead of in a studio. Starbucks scores year after year with their red and white cup contests, by asking their customers to doodle on their cups and then share (sharing is key to successful UGC marketing) photos or videos of the cups on social media. Starbucks rewards the people who create the “best” cups with a gift card and in exchange, Starbucks owns the rights to their designs. GoPro does virtually the same thing, encouraging people to film everything from their outdoor adventures to their “squad goals” and then enter the video in a GoPro challenge for the chance to win some cash. Of course, GoPro then owns rights to all that footage and can use it to market their cameras.


Need a bit of help coming up with a user-generated content campaign that hits on each of these points? Not to worry, our ROI strategists are pros when it comes to maximizing UGC benefits.

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