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When you’re a Stori agency partner, you get access to the world’s leading-edge marketing technology platform. We provide you with the technology and expertise to help drive results for your clients. Together, we fuel efficiency, empowering your content marketing programs to become the most effective versions of themselves.


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In 2018 Influencer Marketing Is About To Go Through The Roof

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of advertising. On Instagram alone, the influencer marketing advertising spend is estimated to be $1 billion in 2018 and projected to exceed $2 billion by 2019. Stori offers a range of services aimed at meeting the demands of your client’s ever-evolving influencer marketing needs.

Why Do Partners Choose Stori?

Because no one does Visual Marketing better. The Stori platform puts all you need in one place to get your clients more organized, grow their revenue (your commissions, too), and so much more.

We help you sell more: We’ll train your agency with effective Inbound Sales techniques so you can start closing new sales.
In-Demand Products & Services: Your customers are looking for our innovative solutions to grow their business.
Competitive Commissions & Margins: We give you the flexibility and freedom to resell our products at your price.
Exclusive training: We will teach you the best practices so you can structure your Digital Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams.
Marketing & Sales Tools: We will apply the same strategies we use in our day to day that helped us grow more than 100% in the last year.
Dedicated Technical Support: Partners receive dedicated one-on-one technical support.
Educational Content: Access partner study materials to stay ahead of your competitors.
Co-Marketing: Create content along with Stori to generate more and more leads for your agency.
We Listen To Our Partners: We are where we are today because of our partners. We involve our partners when developing new features and products.
Wholesale Hardware Pricing: We don’t only give you opportunities to sell software. Generate revenue and margins from our hardware the same way we do.

The world’s leading content marketing technology

Stori Platform

Experiential Influencer System
  • All-In-One Mangement System
  • Identify & Activate Influencers
  • Create Omni-Channel Experiences
  • Up to 30% in margins
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Social Booth

Mediabooth For Brand Marketers
  • 3 Experiences In One App
  • Lead Generation
  • Branded Content Creation
  • Up to 30% in margins
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Stori Live

Full-Service Event Production
  • On-site Brand Ambassadors
  • Campaign Management
  • Hardware Rental Included
  • Up to 30% in margins
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Ad Server

Integrated Native Ad Server
  • 3 Native Ad Types
  • Mobile & Desktop Inventory
  • NAB Compliant
  • Up to 30% in margins
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Social Story Telling Mobile App
  • Rights-Cleared UGC
  • Rapid Deployment
  • iOS Only
  • Up to 30% in margins
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Your Own Social TV Channel
  • Stream Social Content
  • Custom Production
  • Integrate Advertising
  • Up to 30% in margins
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You guys ROCK! I'm still receiving amazing feedback about the Stori Booth.
You captured a ton of wonderful moments, thank you so much!

Niki OstinPR Web

You guys are the best to work with. Thank you for the support at 12 am!

Imagen Marketing ConsultantsCesar Rolon

2 Ways to Partner

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Solution Provider

Who are you
Service Provider or Value-Added Reseller

Which brand does the client see?

Who does the pricing and billing?

How Much Money can you make?
Margins up to 40%



Who are you
Service Provider or Value-Added Reseller

Which brand does the client see?
Stori brand

Who does the pricing and billing?

How Much Money can you make?
Commissions up to 30%


We are dedicated to fostering deep relationships with our partners and not
transactional relationships. I truly believe together we can achieve more.

Tamer AbdelPresident

Your clients come first

Whether you’re looking to expand your marketing services or just develop another revenue stream, we’ve got the programs and tools that give you the confidence to grow your company in a way that feels right for you.

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