Local concerts Go Global

At concerts fans used to hold up candles. Now they hold up mobile phones.
Live tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, capturing photos, and shooting videos is
now a part of every concert. Use it to your advantage and engage your audience.

Feature Fan Content

Everyone loves to have his or her moment in the spotlight. Feature tweets, pictures, and videos displayed on large screens created by fans and watch the buzz build.

Manage Your Fans Influence Effectively

Discover the people who attend more concert and influence ticket sales,
track your best fans and reward them with future tickets,
VIP upgrades, and more.

New Incremental Revenue

Go Stori allows your conference to create incremental revenue by featuring vendors and concert sponsors. By selling branding rights to your social hub, you never miss an opportunity to put a partner in the spotlight and generate new revenue.

Simulcast Your Concert

It doesn’t have to stop at the show. Simulcast the concert live across multiple channels including your website and inspire future attendees to buy tickets to future concerts.

Incentivize Engagement

A little incentive goes a long way. Organize competitions that encourage fans to share and or create media that represents your concert. Competitions are easy, inexpensive ways to get fans to create content and also talk about your concert.

Connect Directly With The Fans

Give attendees a new and innovative way of promoting their concert experience directly with a mobile app branded to your event. Showcase your sponsors alongside organic mobile content.

Ready When You Are

Our LIVE services are available in select cities.

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