Inspire People to Act

It really doesn’t matter your activation objective; whether it’s selling more products, signing up new customers, gathering emails, increasing newsletter subscriptions or raising support for your latest cause.
The goal is not to create brand awareness and affinity… the goal is to inspire people to act!

Customer Case Study

Improve Engagement with Video Selfies

Adding 2 new video options, to the already infamous  Stori Social Booth, is too much to pass up – even for the most casual fan!

Personalize the Experience

From the minute they see the product to the point they are sharing their experiences with their friends – create a lasting impression and influence consumers to take the next steps.

Leverage Your Activation for Promotional Opportunities

Overlay advertising for merchandizing opportunities to fuel interest and participation.

Incorporate Incentives to Boost Participation

Trigger a mutually beneficial relationship by incenting them to act, an important step in the ongoing quest for customer loyalty!

The Ultimate Activation Station… A Branded Mobile App

There is no better way to drive activations and loyalty to your brand.

  • GEO Targeted Incentives
  • Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Integrate with Loyalty Programs

Go Stori is a Full-service company

We are a full-service media company. Like what we do, but don’t have the display screens? We can bring the screens to you! Halonet screen rentals and installations are available in select cities. We provide all the hardware you need for your event or business. Give us a call to find out more about our service areas. In addition, we also staff events and provide on-site support.