Your Story Told By Those Who Know You Best

Your friends and family watched you grow on social media, as you shared each special
moment of your life. Now, it’s their turn to add their experiences to your story.
Today is the day, your friends and family tell the story of your event.

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A Memory They Can Share

Entertain your guests with a HALOCAM photo booth. It is a unique and engaging way to take fun photos and looping videos, as you send your guests home with a smile they can share.


Every event has a hashtag. Blossom enables you to source your favorite photos and videos posted with your hashtag on social media by your event guests and display it on any TV screen or website.

Your Event Shared Online In Real-Time

Create a live online gallery of awesome photos and looping videos where all your guests can remember and comment on all the fun they had on your special day. Photos and videos can be directly sent to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles.

The Blossom Cloud

The one home for all your event photos. Blossom will gather and store every picture and looping video from your event—making sure no great content is lost or forgotten.

Promotional Graphics

Use our beautiful, easy to edit graphics to help you promote all the social media fun. We’ve done many events and can offer expert advice.

Ready When You Are

Our LIVE services are available in select cities.

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