Stori LIVE is our event activation group that drives marketing results through interactive social integrations


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What We Do

We help brands build authentic advocacy through memorable moments while offering a new opportunity for collecting leads.

We Engage

Our social Ambassadors bring your brand efforts to life as we engage with your guests and create content that transforms into meaningful UGC.

We Promote

Our brand ambassadors drive social media participation by promoting your event social campaign.

We Showcase

From on location TV screens to mobile devices, social content is curated and showcased in real-time to entertain attendees.

We Analyze

Awareness on social media is great, but the true hallmark of a successful experiential marketing campaign is in the data that drives results.

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Trusted By Everyone

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Our Experiential Technology

Our technology and expertise bring a greater marketing ROI


Showcase your social story beautifully on TV’s, websites and smartphones in real-time


An alluring, light weight, self-operating
video/photo booth


Our portable ring light that doesn’t wait for your guests to engage with


We’ll identify and rank your most influential guests


Listen, engage and reward guests who post on social media in real-time


Add brand promotions and sponsored offers in each email to boost ROI

Our clients measured a 200% increase
in content posted on Instagram.


Use Cases

Whether you’re planning a conference, brand activation, concert, or are just throwing a company party, we got you covered.

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Stori for
Concerts & Festivals

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Brand Activations

Helping You Transform Your Event

A Fun Experience!

We give events a burst of positive energy! Bundled experiences turn attendees into active participants, and you’ll love how our team keeps attendees engaged and sharing event content.

It’s All About You

Seamlessly integrate your branding and sponsors at every touchpoint. We help highlight you and your story.

Customized Campaigns

Our integrated system allows you to simultaneously manage your #event and #hashtag campaigns to exponentially increase your reach.

Share Worthy Content

Integrating user-generated content (UGC) is the heart of our LIVE experience, we encourage attendees to engage with your brand online to bring you an authentic marketing campaign.

Peace Of Mind

Our support team handles every part of the installation, design, setup, teardown and transportation of our equipment at your event.

Social Ambassadors

We are truly an extension of your team. Our friendly and experienced staff ensures your event receives the social media exposure it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where cities do you operate in?

Our team each week is on the road or at an airport. We are willing to travel long distances to serve our clients. In some cities, you can find us today: Southern/Northern California, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Dubai

What do the Social Ambassadors do at my event?

Our social ambassadors not only capture fun content of your attendees, we promote your event hashtag/campaign and encourage the sharing of the content we capture and any other photos/videos the attendee may post. Our #1 job is to amplify your social reach outside of the event walls.

Do I get a copy of all the photos?

Yes.  You get online access to a gallery of all selfies taken on your account.

Is it required to have all the content published to social media?

No.  Our system allows for private galleries.

Will I have technical support at my event?

Your dedicated project manager will be onsite helping you every step along the way, you get the peace of mind knowing that we are here for you.

Can I send the photos to multiple facebook pages?

No.  You are logged into one account and can only post into either your profile or a fan page you manage.

Do you provide a photo background?

A backdrop can be as simple as a wall or a roll of paper. Our preferred photo trick is to just work with the event surroundings and point the camera into the party. It adds authentic energy to the background and creates all kinds of fun opportunities for photo bombs, which are always funny!

What social networks does Stori Social Booth post to?

Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles, Twitter

Can I move the Stori Social Booth during the event?

Yes.  It is very light and mobile, but it requires professional attention to ensure nothing gets damaged.

How much space is required for the Stori Social Booth photobooth?

3’x3′ is the footprint of the unit; however, the standard booth with backdrop would require approximately 10′ x 10′.

How do I get the email addresses from the guests that have submitted their photo?

You get access to the email addresses through your dashboard manager.  Select the Email List navigation button and download the email addresses in CSV format.

Is a deposit required to book an event?

Yes.  A 50% deposit is required to book your event!

Can I buy a Stori Social Booth hardware unit?

Stori Social Booth hardware can be purchased. Please contact us if you are interested.

What are the minimum/maximum time commitments?

4 hours is the minimum time for booking and 8 hours is the typical day maximum; however, any time commitments greater than 8 hours can be negotiated.

Ready When You Are

Our LIVE services are available in select cities and we can travel anywhere!

Los Angeles | San Diego | Las Vegas | Chicago | New York | Miami | Puerto Rico | Dubai | Toronto | Austin | Houston | The World!