Discover a brand new revenue stream with the easiest,
most efficient way to monetize social content.

Introducing SMAX

Integrate native advertising into social conversations

Social Media Ad X-change (SMAX) is Stori Social Booth proprietary, social media advertising technology developed specifically for social content.
SMAX allows any publisher to dynamically insert targeted, native ads throughout their digital properties.


Native, Social Advertising Made Easy

Zone Monetization

Publishers choose the social hubs they would like to monetize. We then blend ad units into the hub natively, to drive the best possible monetization for each visitor.

Mixed Media

Mix different media types to help drive better performing units for each social hub and zone.

Install with single tag

Social hub monetization all happens through a single line of code, making the placement, management, and tracking of your revenue easier and less time-consuming.

Big, bold, beautiful advertising that works.

STORIADS follows IAB advertising standards, guidelines & best practices


Showcase sponsors with the best real estate – at a premium!


Blend relevant native ads throughout your social story.


Valuable ad-space featured when someone clicks on an image.


Ensure your sponsors get the attention they deserve.

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