We’ve Changed Our Name. Say Hello To Halo! We’ve Changed Our Name.
As of February 11th, 2018, we have changed our name to Stori. The name change is a result of an extensive rebranding effort designed to mirror the success and transformation of our organization.


Press Release: HALO Announces Corporate Rebranding, Changes Name to Stori to help brands increase customer loyalty and drive business growth by humanizing marketing channels with authentic customer stories that drive sales.

Ahhh, branding. Branding continues to be one of the single most important factors when it comes to winning over our prospects’ brains, hearts, and of course wallets. While many aspects of marketing have gone to the dark side of metrics, science, and predictability, branding continues to push the elusive art vs. science part of our brains. We wanted to share our takeaways in this blog post, sit back and enjoy hearing about our takeaways from our recent rebrand.

The company was originally named to help prospects “understand the HALO effect” based on a keen understanding of a marketers audience. While this name served us well, it faced a few challenges:

  • It struggled to explain what we did clearly. Specifically, the word “halo” became a bit misleading given our focus on customer stories.
  • The name did not highlight our underlying differentiator of binding together user-generated content and data to help marketers better tell their stories from the voice of the customer.
  • It did not illustrate the fact that our product is typically adopted by forward-thinkers in the B2B industry.
  • Plus, Stori just sounds cooler. 🙂

At the start of the year, we decided to take on the daunting and exciting challenge of rebranding the company. The scope of the rebrand was significant:

  • New company name and logo
  • Completely new URL and website – design and content
  • New brand tagline “Source the narrative
  • New branding architecture (definition, purpose, promise, mission, core values, and vision)
  • New corporate positioning and messaging
  • Updated tone and personality
  • Updated content assets
  • And of course, new customer and partner swag

Along the way, we learned a few things about going through a complete corporate rebrand:

Alignment – Our executive team is generally very well aligned and agrees on the growth direction for the company, yet when it came to articulating the brand we found important differences that required a number of conversations to hash out. In hindsight, I should have assumed that we were less aligned and more proactively gotten us to agree on the direction of the brand earlier. The result was a several week delays on agreeing on who we wanted to become.

Branding Architecture – We created a very specifically worded brand architecture deliverable which provided a foundation for naming the business. While the final deliverable won’t be used directly in marketing assets, it provided guidance to the entire company on our brand direction.

    • Definition: We are user-generated content marketing experts.
      Purpose: We exist to help marketers build stronger, deeper, more relevant experiences with their customers.
      Promise: We are committed to helping marketers engage their best customers.
      Mission: Convert happy customers to promoters of the brand.
      Core Values: Learn, Connect, Grow
      Vision: We aspire to be the definitive digital experience experts in marketing technology.


The logo was designed to maintain our happy communications emblem:

As a marketing technology company, it’s important that we pay careful attention to the ideas, developments, and influencers that will shape the digital landscape in the years to come. To achieve success and longevity in our industry, it’s vital that we embrace change and respond decisively. We refer to these moments as pivot points. We’re not traveling down a linear path. Technology will evolve, trends will emerge and new ideas will take hold, which means we need to be prepared. Embrace change or be left behind.

In 2018, we commit to investing further in our business offerings in the following areas:

  • Machine Learning Technology – Strengthen this capability to better understand target consumer interactions.
  • Influencer Ranking Technology – Invest in advanced analytical and face recognition technology.
  • Website – Fuel meetstori.com as a resource for marketers learn how to leverage this method of marketing.
  • All new Selfie Booth Hardware – Redesign and manufacturing of all new selfie booth hardware and software.



About Stori:

Founded in 2015, headquartered out of Los Angeles, Stori is a unique hybrid of a marketing technology company inspired by our experiential marketing agency roots. Stori is transforming the way brands communicate with consumers by helping brands market and sell with real customer photos and videos.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to having you join us on this amazing journey!
-Tamer Abdel 
Founder / CEO

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