Troubleshooting FAQ’s

What if our wifi goes down? What should we do?

You can have an unlimited number of moderators.

How do I reset the iPad Tablet?

Currently we support images and video from Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Emails not sending

Yes, the author will communicate with the brand via the comments area of the photo/video you wish to gain consent.

Resetting the HALOCAM App on your ipad tablet

Yes, using our distribution tools you can promote the curated social hub to your own social media networks for further amplification. 

Why does the screen look too dark?

No, you allow or deny what content appears in your hub. Control your story. We do offer a whitelist feature, so authorized users can publish directly into your hub.

The light is too bright, how do I turn it down?

Yes, BlossomGO our mobile app will notify you of all activity on your hub.

Why isn't it publishing to my social networks?

Yes, content submitted from attendees mobile phones that have used your hashtag will be displayed on your SocialTV if the content was approved.

Why can't i see the HALOCAM content in my moderator?

Yes, in the moderation section of your account you can set word filters and blacklist accounts.

Do you have on-site tech support?

No.   We recommend a website solution to display the social mosaic online; however, your iBlossom can be displayed on TV’s, jumbo screens, mobile devices and more!

Why isn't my HALOCAM content showing on my tv screens

You sign up by contacting by contacting our sales department at

Note: You can start with our unrestricted 15-day trial. We don’t collect your credit card until you’re confident iBlossom is right for you. When you’re ready to upgrade to our paid plans, all you need to do is select the plan you desire in the control panel.

Why isn't my HALOCAM content publishing on my website, blog, or any of my digital properties?

Realistically, it takes about 24 hours to get up and going; however, expedited services can have you up in a couple hours.

How do I change the email?

You can find the product support in our Support Portal located at

Do I get a discount for referring customers?

Oh yeah! Contact us for more information on our affiliate program.