Boost Your Bottom Line With A Social Media Sponsor (PART 1)

Including social media has become an increasingly popular fixture at events, such as digital screens featuring live social media posts or photo booths.  Surprisingly, many event marketers overlook the killer role these actions can play in their sponsorship strategy.

  • As an event organizer, how can you make sure you’re making the most of your sponsorship opportunities while providing an awesome attendee experience?
  • As an event sponsor, how can you capitalize on the opportunities that social media provides?  

I will try to answer these questions and a give you a few strategies to help you develop socially-compelling, promotional opportunities, for the “Official Social Media Sponsor” of your next event (or all of them)!


Maximize The ROI On Your Digital Displays

As an event marketer, one of your most versatile tools will be your digital display.  Digital content can show anything and can adapt during your event, unlike your static pre-printed event badges, banners, and flyers.

Social Media Display

Social Media Display


When done right, enticing screens can attract thousands of eyeballs.  Once you’ve drawn attention to a single screen, it’s the perfect time for a sponsor’s message — to enter and reach the sweet spot of the audience they paid for.  It’s an incredible effect, and yet most event marketers surprisingly still don’t get digital displays right.

So how do you make your digital screens engaging?  You could spend tons of resources on custom creative content.  Or, you could let your attendees do it for you.

Research shows that digital screens and social media are a match made in heaven and our own experiences at Stori validate this. After powering nearly 1,000 events across the world, we’ve seen a whopping 500% increase, on average, in social engagement.  

Most importantly, we’ve seen users of all ages share a photo on Instagram or message on Twitter, just to have it show up on a screen in public. Perhaps best of all, a portion of users engaging with our social displays created an account on Instagram or Twitter just to share that moment.  It turns out that an incredible number of normal people, tech-savvy or not, want the thrill of their message showing up in front of others –It’s a rare moment of fame.

Inspire Your Audience To Engage

You need a digital experience that inspires your attendees to share their experiences.  We’ve seen many events that used simple “social walls” to feature selected tweets.  These have flaws. From the audience’s perspective, there’s no guarantee when you share that your post will go up on the big screen, due to how crowded the screen is.

WOD Display Screens

WOD Display Screens

At Stori, providing an entertaining experience that puts design at the forefront is our top priority; we actually have tokened the phrase “
Social Entertainment Media”.  Most digital display software isn’t designed with the user experience in mind.  Ours is.  We drive massive uplift in engagement by rewarding users who share their experience.  With good digital display software, your audience owns the screen.  Each person receives immediate gratification and gets their own moment of fame on the big screen.


Spark the visual conversation!

Don’t wait for attendees to create social media content.

Using a photobooth is a great way to create branded content at your event.  Today there are many creative experiences photo booths provide.  Stori has its own fun, content creator named StoriCam, it is a great option for live events.

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